Do you have any Peanuts or Tree Nuts in your Facility?



Do your products contain Dairy?

Our Chocolate contains dairy and therefore any items, even if dairy is not an ingredient, has a high potential to be cross contaminated.


Do your products contain Egg?

Although we do not use any raw eggs in our products, we do use items that contain cooked eggs in them. These items are not used in the manufacturing process of any chocolate items. However, we always caution that an item could be cross contaminated. Cross contamination risk is low but not impossible.


Are your products Gluten Free?

Although a product may not contain gluten there is a high risk of cross contamination. Our pretzels and other gluten containing products share equipment.


How do I purchase your products?

Best way is to place an order online at www.CoultonCandies.com 


Do your products contain soy lecithin?

Yes. Soy lecithin is an important ingredient. It improves viscosity and enhances its shelf life.


Are there trans fats or hydrogenated oils in your chocolate?



What is the shelf life of the chocolate and how should it be stored?

Our milk chocolate products have a shelf life of one year, while dark chocolate should keep for 18 months. But that depends on proper storage. Keep chocolate in a well-ventilated, low-humidity area, free from odors and at room temperature (between 60 and 68°).


Are your products kosher?

While some of our products are shipped to us kosher, we are not a kosher facility.


What is the cocoa content of your milk chocolate?

Our Milk Chocolate is 34 percent cocoa.
Our Dark Chocolate is 


Should I refrigerate fudge?

Some people enjoy cold fudge, but it will be fine at room temperature.


How does the weather affect fudge?

Hot weather can cause fudge to get dried out, while moisture or high humidity can cause fudge to become too soft or worse, moldy.


What should I do if my fudge dries out?

You can try putting the fudge in a sealed plastic bag with a wet paper towel overnight to let it absorb some of the moisture.

If you’d rather not wait, you can always try microwaving the fudge for 15 seconds.


What are the main ingredients in your fudge?

We use the same ingredients in our fudge that you’ll find in many classic fudge recipes: butter, brown sugar and dairy.


What type of gelatin do you use in your candies?

Our candies are made with pork gelatin, which is common in candy production.


Is any of your candy vegan?

No. Between the milk products used to make chocolate and fudge and the gelatin that goes into our candy, none of our products can rightly be called vegan.


How should candy be stored?

Like fudge and chocolate, you can store candy at room temperature (60-68°).